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Ceviche de Pescado

Perurrican opens its door in the vibrant Santurce neighborhood offering a unique, diverse and exciting authentic Peruvian cuisine; a blend of exotic flavors which will be a pleasure for all your six senses.

The food you crave, the drinks you love, the ambience you enjoy; all in one magical place. Taste the oriental influence of the addicting "Arroz Chaufa" or "Tallarin Saltado", recognize the African influences in the "Lomo Saltado" and experience a match made in heaven with the "Mofongo a lo Macho" (you won’t want a different "mofongo" ever again!) and a "Tacu Tacu de Lomo", the quintessential Peruvian and Puerto Rican fusion dishes.

Perurrican has kept the mystic of this millenary cuisine with a management team focused in providing the best Peruvian gastronomy in town. And if you want a place to unwind and dance, our Cholo Bar will comply with your desire. After all, what’s life without a little fun?

Come and experience Peru’s unique cuisine today.



To book your reservations or coordinate a private event, call us at 787-918-8833.

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Kitchen Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 5PM - 11PM
Wednesday: 5PM - 11PM
Thursday: 5PM - 11PM
Friday: 11:30AM - 12MN
Saturday: 12PM - 12MN
Sunday: 12PM - 10PM
Bars serve until 2AM.

Ave. Ponce de León 1073
Santurce, Puerto Rico

Phone: 787-918-8833

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